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El Valle Del Cambás

The Cambás River, in Aranga, runs through the mountains forming one of the wildest and most beautiful valleys in Galicia. Its two waterfalls, Castro Rodicio and rego da Palanca, are a gift for the senses.

The most beautiful valley in Galicia

In the east of the province of A Coruña, nearing the border with the province of Lugo, a small town called Aranga hides jewels of nature, which few tourists know about.

The Mandeo river is the reason behind such exuberant landscape. The Mandeo, originating in Marco das Pías, in Sobrado dos Monxes, reaches adulthood on its way through this little town of less that 2000 villagers.  We highly recommend visiting this unique spot as it is by far  one of the most beautiful valleys in Galicia.

Right where the Cambás river meets the Mandeo river begins a stunning hiking route by the riverside  (the SM 4, included in the Mandeo Fluvial Project network). It is not for the faint at heart though, and if you are not a skilled  hiker we suggest you only do it with professionals. Also, please make sure to wear appropriate hiking footwear – to avoid untimely slips.

The route is only 7 kilometres long (one way), but it is truly fantastic!

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From the As Barbudas forge, we have to go up the river on the left bank, sneaking without permission into the mountains of the Montouto range. The fact that the Cambás goes down completely in a canyon gives the sensation of being totally separated from civilization, as well as allowing the water to fall down the slopes, causing a sensory explosion in the hiker. Right at the junction of the rego da Palanca and the Cambás reservoir we can enjoy two waterfalls. On the left, the fervenza of the well of Castro Rodicio, small but resultant; and on the right, crossing the Cambás over some stones, the majestic fervenza of the rego da Palanca. This last one allows the visitor to reach the top.

For the tourist who only wants to reach this final part, the waterfalls, can do so by a wide dirt road that starts from the village of O Couce. From the Barranco da Lobo recreational area there is a 7 km. marked trail (SM 4) by car. If you park in O Couce there is an easier access to rego da Palanca.


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